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Do's & Don’s of Travel

Exploring the new destinations brings many enriching and fascinating experiences for the travellers. However, less knowledge or little carelessness can spoil travelling enthusiasm and you may come across unpleasant circumstances. Hence, it is always recommended to take the general travel tips about Do’s and Don’s that make a trip to any destination memorable and cherishing. Follow the below mentioned travel tips and enjoy the holiday at the fullest:

  • Do extensive reading about the new place you are planning to travel and know about it’s history, culture, customs, laws and politics.
  • Respect the religious sentiments and culture of the place you are planning to visit
  • Do make sure you have a properly signed, valid passport and visas, if required, and also don’t forget to fill in your emergency information page of your passport. Beware of your passport expiry date.
  • Must keep the track of climate of the place you are planning to visit because climate in different areas vary and it may be complicated for you. It is always advised to travel a new place as per the weather that suits you.
  • Always try to avoid wearing conspicuous clothing and expensive jewelery along with caring unnecessary huge amount of money. Carry clothes according to the weather suitable to the area of travel.
  • Don’t forget to carry an updated map of the place you are going to visit. Hiring a professional guide is also recommended.
  • Must carry a first aid box for treatment in case of any unprecedented emergency. Do carry basic regular medicines along with you for symptoms like cold, fever, headache and acidity.
  • Carry the food items and other essentials in airtight jars or packets.
  • Make the flight book, rail reservation and hotel booking in advance to avoid any sort of problem later. Do make sure if the agent is providing the free and secure transportation to and from the airport / railway station.
  • Do order for special meals if you have any food restriction.
  • Must carry the rain – protective boots for travelling to snowy or rainy regions.
  • Try to avoid visiting the place that has been affected by any epidemic . Go for vaccinations if required to travel to the place of your choice. You must know the standard hygiene and the potential hazards.

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