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Passengers Safety with Car Riders India

Car Riders India cares for the customers from the day they booked / hired / rented the car or vehicle. Passenger safety is very important for us and nowhere we leave our customers in crisis or problems. As soon the journey commences, we ensure complete safety to the passengers (customers) and our personal care continues till the journey ends. Be it the selection of suitable cars as per for your needs, your comfort, the routes / roads for journey, the essentials to carry during journey and friendly drivers, we consider all under passenger safety and provide the same to our valued customers. For passenger safety we have modified our vehicles and fitted with some gadgets to avoid clash over speeding and rough driving. The additional safety gadgets and comfortable interiors / seats reduce the impact and keeps the people on board safe.
Our drivers are well-trained they follow the traffic rules everywhere to avoid any discomfort to passengers on road. They can’t over-speed on road as the vehicles are fitted with fixed speed controlling machine or GPS devices. The drivers work as a valuable guide and help you all the way during your journey. The soft-spoken and humble drivers are very helpful and address the problems and issues of the customers (passengers). All the vehicles are equipped with First Aid box, in case of emergency to passenger on board basic medicines and antiseptic creams are offered. If the customers fall sick or some type of complications develop the driver takes you to nearest health centre or hospital for treatment.
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