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Weather In India

The varied topography of India has provided a diversified climate to the charming country. The Thar Desert in the northwest and the Great Himalayan ranges in the north, the Arabian Sea in West, Bay of Bengal in East and the Indian Ocean in the Southaltogether influence the climate (weather) of India up to great extent. The Tropic of Cancer crossing through the middle of India is another major factor for deciding the weather / climate of India. As per the Koppen System, the climate of India mainly revolves around the six climatic subtypes that resulted into the rise of alpine tundra and glaciers in the north, the desert in the west, the humid tropical regions supporting rain forests in the southwest, the Indian Ocean island territories flanking the Indian subcontinent.

There are four main seasons in India, namely winter (December to February), summer (April to June), monsoon (June to September) and a post monsoon period (October to November). All the seasons in India have its special significance and activities of the locals revolve around them. Many fairs and festivals of India are directly linked with seasons, and they are celebrated during the particular season only. Bihu, Pongal, Baisakhi andLohri are some of the season based festivals in India. If you are planning to visit India it is must to enquire about the weather and season before you land into the country. Along with lots of sightseeing and leisure activities you get to enjoy the diversified weathers of India during your vacation. In fact, it will not be wrong to say the varied weathers in India are tourist attraction in itself and draw tourists with their diversity.

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